A quiet half-demon


Name: Mukaze Race: Half-Demon

ACV: 3 (4 in Demon-form) DCV: 3 (4 in Demon-form) Damage Multiplier: 5 (6 in Demon-form) HP: 30 (35 in Demon-form) EP: 35 (30 in Demon-form) SV: 6 (7 in Demon-form)

Body 3 (30 Points) Mind 4 (40 Points) Soul 3 (30 Points)

Alternate Form 7 (Demon-form, 63 Points) Damage Absorption 1 (Electric; 10 Points) Regeneration 1 (Electric; 5 Points) Skill: Language (Demon-tongue; 1 Point) Skill: Occult 1 (Demonology; 2 Points)

Defect: Blind Fury (Electrical Overload, triggers Alternate Form; -4 Points) Defect: Marked (-2 Points)

Alternate Form stats (70 Points available)

+1 Body (10 Points) -1 Mind (-10 Points)

Attack Combat Mastery 1 (10 Points) Combat Technique 3 (Brutal, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes, 6 Points) Defense Combat Mastery 1 (10 Points) Extra Actions 1 (15 Points) Flight 2 (16 Points) Hightened Awareness 2 (4 Points) Massive Damage – Melee 1 (7 Points) Weapon: Charged Body 1 (Aura, 3 Points) Weapon: Taze Bolt 1 (Stun, 3 Points) Weapon: Thunderbolt 2 (Flare 2 – Sound/Light, 6 Points)

Defect: Bane (Holy Wards, -6 Points) Defect: Impaired Speech (Electrical Static in voice, -3 Points) Defect: Unappealing (-1 Point)

Total Points available: 180 Total Points spent: 175 CP remaining: 5


Mukaze is the son of an ordinary human man and the Thunder Demon Raikade. In his youth, he knew nothing of his mother and was raised as a normal human boy. At puberty, his demonic heritage began to manifest; his father told him everything only then. Mukaze slowly learned to focus his power, though it changed him from a sunny child to a quiet, withdrawn young man as his body went through its changes into its larger demonic form. In time, he learned to shift between the two at will, although he discovered large electrical overloads would send him immediately into a blind fury and that holy wards would throw him back into his human guise.

His mother’s distance from him slowly made him suspicious, even to the point of despising demons. He instead wonders as to his true calling – if there is any hope for his life beyond eventually succumbing to his demonic pulls and becoming a beast of evil intent, or that he might rise above it and tame not only the demon within, but learn to tame the demons around him.

Mukaze stands at close to six feet tall, with short-cropped gray-black hair and dark gray eyes. He always seems to be looking around, as if he expects to see someone who’s not supposed to be around. His demon heritage is marked by a series of thunderbolt-shaped scars across his back, which he tends to keep hidden under his clothing.


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