Fibor is, basically, the part of the US that isn’t the Wild North.

It’s a fairly peaceful, decently populated country with humans and non-humans mingling together without too many problems. It contains cities (tho not usually where the Pre-Rift cities were) and towns. Most of the cities center around the main train track hubs, but there are others kind of out in the middle of no where. The towns are all interspersed in between, but they are rarely more than a couple days ride from the nearest city.

There is plenty of wilderness and farmland. There are problems with thieves and bandits, so it’s not like perfect utopia place. It doesn’t really have any problems with other places warring with it (but then again it’s fairly isolated), so it does not have a standing army. However, every town and city has its own Town/City Guard and whatnot.

Most of the cities are not where Pre-Rift cities lay. The Capital City actually is, and a handful like along the coasts are, but most in between are not. Pretty much any Post-Rift roadway is gone, since no one has been maintaining them. The Pre-Rift city ruins have become places of wonder. Not much is still standing, and the parts that are only stand because they’ve like fused with the plant-life. The archeological Historians study these ruins for clues about Pre-Rift history, while Adventuerers go in search of Pre-Rift treasures.

The currency of Fibor are the coins we have today, only their value is extremely different.

It’s ruled by King Raeor and Queen Lylia, and they do a fairly decent job. There haven’t been any kinds of big tragedies, and the laws they create are fair.


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