Fibor Capital

The Capital City of Fibor is really a wonder in and of itself. Most of the main train tracks lead to this city, and it is quite large enough to accommodate them. This city is one of the few that have retained Pre-Rift size, so it’s extremely populous.

The first thing that lets you know that this city is different is the HUMONGOUS tree off towards the side. Like, 50 grown men could circle the tree, arms outstretched, and not touch. Its boughs keep most of the city in shade for most of the day.

There’s a least one temple to every god in the city, and the Clerics are the fastest, easiest way to communicate with other cities, towns, and even countries.

The ‘Palace’ is centered around the great tree. The stairs leading to the palace actually open up to a great park. All sorts of animals, humans, and non-humans enjoy the ‘tamed wildness’ of the court.

The King and Queen’s thrones are set up on a root of the great tree, but they only sit there when there’s like ‘official court business.’ The rest of the time, they mingle in the park, or walk about the city, or travel the country. Every city and town in Fibor can say that it’s had a visit from the royal couple.

Some of the Guardians act as the main body guards of the King and Queen, but the personal guard also has regular non-humans.

That being said, the city does have its own problems with ‘law breakers’ and discrimination and all that stuff. There have even been attempts to assassinate the royal couple, but the personal guard have always caught the would-be assassins before they could do any damage.

Fibor Capital

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