What do you get when you combine the Black Forest, the old Germanic tribes, Romanian magic/superstition, and technology? Gothyca! (sorry about the name, it popped into my head, and I was never able to think past it :P)

Gothyca is, surprisingly, the most technologically advanced region of the world. The Reploids actually have no problems with the humans there and share many of their secrets.

The humans themselves, however, are on the ‘tough love’ side. They’re often brash and temperamental. They don’t really put up with much BS. The biggest population areas are along the coasts.

There’s not really a set ruler in Gothyca. However, most people there would agree that it’s really the Reploids that are in charge. Not many have a problem with it, but there are still quite a few who don’t see the Reploids as capable of being good at much of anything other than obeying orders. They are, after all, “just robots.”

There are quite a few non-humans in Gothyca, but most of them flock thru-out the whole of the Black Forest, where the human population is less dense. Since it’s had time to recover, the Black Forest has stretched out from north coast to south coast.

The more mountainous regions of like Romania and Transylvania are still as superstitious as ever, especially with their Vampire legends, but this superstition doesn’t keep them from the latest technology that the rest of Gothyca enjoys.

The temples in Gothyca all have the Gothic style. Some Pre-Rift cathedrals still stand.


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