Horse Warriors

These are the second oldest of all the ‘modern’ races. However, they disappeared long before all the other creatures, so humans have no legends about them at all.

The first Horse Warrior to reappear was DarkeStorm. Even tho he’s a big hero and legend to the people, they still do not know much about him or his kind in general.

In most of the tales of DarkeStorm, he’s a big, black warhorse (a Friesian). He’s super intelligent, tho.

However, in some of the tales, DarkeStorm also takes the form of a human. Not just any human either, tho. His skin is completely black (like his horse coat), but his hair, lips, and nails are pure white. His eyes are the most disturbing, however. They are completely white, except for one thin ring of black around the edge of where the iris would be.

There are even tales of PhoenixBlade and DarkeStorm as a centaur.

Horse Warriors

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