As far as humans go, not everyone is a mage or whatnot. There still are normal humans running around, and they live quite happy and content lives. Some humans aren’t even full blown Mages, they just have a magical ‘talent.’ In fact, most of the magical humans fall into that category. The ability to manipulate Magic as a whole is quite rare.

As a whole, human society isn’t all that much different from now. It’s mainly just the setting and the culture that has changed. There are still farmers, merchants, teachers, ect. There’s even a legal system, but there are bandits running about and thieves and the like. There’s still discrimination, racism, and (especially) specieism, so it’s not like a utopian society or anything.

These are really only a few of the ‘jobs’ out there. The whole list is just as long as the list of jobs available today, so no one should feel cornered into anything. These are, pretty much, just the main ‘jobs’ that little kids talk about wanting to be when they grow up, kind of thing. Also, while this is the ‘human’ page, none of these are really confined to humans alone. However, most of the other creatures have their own ‘job system.’



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