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Welcome to the Balance Wiki!

Here’s something I think you’d enjoy

This way, I can make changes as we go. New plots I will add, and old plots I will post the resolutions to. Continuing plots, I will update with information as you get it. It’s like a Plot Log! :O!

Some Basic Rules

The forum is up! Keepers of the Balance That’s where we’ll be doing all of our play-by-posting.

While I originally made this for a BESM campaign, this won’t really be any kind of system. But if you want to draw up a character sheet, or something, just to keep track of what you have and don’t have abilities and stuff-wise, I do recommend using BESM 3rd edition for it (it fits quite well). There will be combat, and exploring, and talking, and all that good stuff.

Also, you are not limited at all to the plot here. I highly encourage my players to take their time and just explore this world. You’re not even really limited to North America. These plot problems are universal.


I’m not really limiting what you can make, much. I’m ‘expecting’ mostly humans, but there’s not any kind of requirement or quota or anything. Most of the mythical creatures are open EXCEPT: The Phoenix, The Shadows, Dragons, Shinigami, and other demi-god type stuff.

I’m also not limiting you as to ‘alignment.’ You are just as free to create an evil character as a good one. However, that being said, I would love ‘smart evil’ characters as opposed to the ‘stupid evil kill-everything-in-sight’ kind.

As far as ‘occupation’ goes, you are free to choose anything, not just from my list. Some occupations know a bit more about the world in general than others (mainly when it comes to the world’s history). Some occupations also have some ideas as to what the problems in the world are (plot-wise).

I also reserve the right to change and/or add rules as I go. I don’t plan on flexing this power much, but I just want to put that out there.


There’s all sorts of different magical and mythical creatures. I’m definitely not going to list them all here, but I will list a few. Some of them haven’t changed much from their usual archetypes, some have.

Only a few of the races pre-date The Rift:

But most come after The Rift:

  • Centaurs
  • Mermaids

Of these after The Rift, some started as regular animals, but were twisted into different shapes as the magic willed. A few, like the Anima and Werebeasts, were not born of the magical lashing, but came later.

The Pantheon

There’s a lot going on with the gods, so, I’ll split them up based on ‘rank.’


Yay! The map is created and up! You can find it on the ‘Map’ tab. Now you can, like, be from places and go to places!

For a lot of these areas, the natives call it differently. These are basically the names of general regions, mainly from the point of view of Fibor. However, any region that doesn’t have ‘The’ in front of it is the universal name for the place.

  • Xia (pronounced ‘sia’)

Main Page

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