PhoenixBlade, just like DarkeStorm, is an anomaly. Shortly after The Rift, she and DarkeStorm took a boat from Ireland and landed in the ruins of New York City. No one is really sure how they commissioned a boat to take them there, but they did. When she came to this continent, PhoenixBlade was a little girl of around 14.

However, her and DarkeStorm traveled the whole continent (a lot of stories even say ‘world’) defeating evil. This quest (it changes depending on who tells it) took years. Eventually, PhoenixBlade was a full grown woman, and tho she got plenty of suitors everywhere they went, she never considered any of them. Most people suspect that she and DarkeStorm were lovers, but there are a few who preach about her pure chastity and devotion to the gods.

Just like DarkeStorm, PhoenixBlade also gets depicted in many different forms. Sometimes, she’s still a little girl with her horse. Rarely, she is a great bird with a unicorn-style horn. Her full grown forms are the most ‘popular,’ tho. She either wears full plate armor and wields dual swords, or she dresses in intricate robes, like that of a High Priestess or Full Mage, and carries a staff.

After saving the world from some great evil or other, both PhoenixBlade and DarkeStorm ‘ascended’ and became demigods. Now, they act sometimes as liaisons between the ‘Upper & Lower Realms’ (Heaven and Hell) and the Mid Realm (Earth). There are plenty of shines and small temples to them, but the main followers they get are The Guardians.


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