(yes, the MMX kind. I was too lazy to think of a different word for them yet, but I might get around to it at some point)

These are often called ‘relics’ from before The Rift. They do make new ones. Not all look like human replicates. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Reploid society is more secretive than any other non-human society, and not everyone knows they still exist. The newer ones especially can blend in quite well with the humans, so they can travel and interact without ever being noticed, really.

Aside from other Reploids, Reploids also make futuristic weapons, but they are almost never seen outside of Reploid society. In fact, the main reason why technology is so low after all these years is because the Reploids are the main holders of that information as well as the main investigators in magi-tech.

Most of the human scientists go to work with the Reploids when they want to research that kind of stuff, because the Reploids are about the only ones who held onto the old technologies and knowledge of before The Rift.


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