Now, the First Gods were deeply in love with each other, so naturally, they had a lot of children. These children are collectively known as the Siblings. Some live in Heaven, and others live in Hell. Now, this list is incomplete, since I never just sat around and thought about them all. I will, most likely, add to this list as the campaign goes on, but only if I have a really good idea of the god. These genders are also place holder genders. They are always subject to change.

1. Oldest daughter

2. Oldest son: Yulgar. He is known as the father of all Vampires. He’s a tall man, most often bald. He’s not attractive at all, but he doesn’t ‘lead’ based on attractiveness. More than anything, he wishes to be left alone. He’s most associated with Evil, Lust, Power, and Vampires.

3. Son

4. Daughter

5. Son

6. Son

7. Daughter

8. Son

9. Daughter

10. Daughter

11. Daughter

12. Dracula is the God of War, Wrath, Hatred, and Dragons. He’s most often depicted wearing full plate armor that has a bluish tint to it. He most often carries a big spear on his back and a big sword on his belt. A rare temple, secluded monasteries really only full clerics are allowed to enter, picture him as a giant dragon.

13. Daughter

14. Son

15. Son

16. Daughter

17. Son

18. Daughter

19. Daughter

20. Son

21. Raeor is the youngest, and the creator of our universe. He’s often depicted with straw blonde hair, dark chocolate eyes, and wearing all black tunic and slacks. He’s most often associated with Good, Order, and Earth.

  • Lylia is Raeor’s wife. Notice the lack of a number as she is NOT one of the Siblings. The Clerics of Lylia teach that she was once a regular human with only a small magical talent. As a human, she was well known for caring for others children and being pure of mind and heart. This care and purity transcends to her life as a goddess as well. Her domains are Good, Wind, and Children. She is most often depicted as a simple girl with long, wavy chestnut hair, orange eyes, and wearing sturdy, peasant-type clothing. Some temples also picture her with wings of fire.

Now, you might be looking at these last two entries and thinking “Oh my! Aren’t the King and Queen named Raeor and Lylia?” Yes, that is perfectly true. King Raeor and the God Raeor’s descriptions even match, as does most of Queen Lylia and Goddess Lylia’s. However, the general populace finds this less of a crazy coincidence and more of a blessing. After all, while King Raeor and Queen Lylia have been exceptional rulers, there’s not really anything outstanding about them that shouts “divinity!”


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