Wild North

If you took a a straight line from South Dakota’s southern-most border and drew it across the whole world map, that would, approximately, be the line that divided the ‘civilized’ places from the ‘wild’ ones. The actual border is not near as straight or perfect, nor are there any signs that say “Now Entering The Wild North. Welcome!”

The Wild North is mainly home to, well, the wild. The plant-life is fairly thick, and the animals live their lives as if never knowing human hands. Sometimes, there is a town or two along the border, but once you go past, you’re on your own.

That being said, the Wild North isn’t as devoid of sentient life as most would think. Many mythical creatures who prefer to stay away from the humans thrive in the lands, and there are even human tribes (similar to Native American tribes) that live off the land’s bounty.

The Wild North, being what it is, attracts many mysteries. Some people believe that it hides secret, Pre-Rift treasures and the tribes protect them. A few brave adventurers have explored parts of the Wild North and come back with tales of great, worn faces peering from rocky cliffs. One even spoke of a stone giant and his horse coming out of the ground.

Wild North

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