If you took Imperial China at its peak, added some modern anachronisms, took away the Great Wall, and expanded its borders to include India, you’d get, roughly, Xia.

It is, by far, the most populated and probably the biggest united ‘country.’ Xia also is the largest concentrated human population. For some odd reason, there aren’t all that many non-human races there. They exist, don’t get me wrong, they just aren’t near as populous as they are in other places.

In Xia, only Full Clerics can become Emperors, and pretty much the gods pick them. All in all, the rule is quite fair, and the people are pretty content. It does have its own share of problems, like any other country would, but the inhabitants, like those of Fibor really don’t have a problem to be overly contempt of the way the country is run. That being said, just like with modern countries, Xia has its share of complainers who know better than those in charge.

Trade between Fibor and Xia is not super tight or intimate, but it does happen.


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