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The setting is a bit post-apocalyptic, but “cheery.” The ‘apocalypse’ being the war, more popularly called The Rift.

A couple thousand years ago, a war devastated the world. All the major cities and technologies were destroyed. Most of the people left in the world moved out of the rubble of the cities. Shortly after the mundane bombs, some magical force rushed into the world quite violently. No one is quite sure what caused the magical bombs, but their effects twisted parts of the landscape and animals. Animals that were not able to ‘get away’ from the magical wave (like animals stuck in zoos) were changed. Some, like the monkeys, became twisted, wicked little imps, with little more than basic instincts. Others, like tigers, became huge ‘dire’ versions of themselves, with human-esque intelligence. Some animals, if they were next to animals of a different species, got ‘blended’ with the other species to create crazy hybrids.

While there is some modern technology still in the world, it’s all run by water, wind, solar, or magic power. Science is more like magi-tech than tech-tech. Technology is kind of in the early 80s. There’s running water in rural areas and fridges and electricity. Computers are around, but they’re rare. There’s some more advanced than modern technology, but it takes the form of magi-tech, which is in its infant stages, so it’s not that great. However, villages and towns are a mixture of brick and wooden buildings, like some weird mixture of a renaissance fair and modern downtown squares. Most skyscrapers of the cities are ruined from the war but some people still live in the intact buildings. Legend says that there is still 1 intact skyscraper somewhere. Those people make a business selling relics from before the war. Personal transportation usually is a bike, wagon, animal, or walking. If anyone wants to travel far across the country, they take the train, which by now has been built up enough so that most towns are no more than a couple days’ ride from the nearest station.

The main continent you will start out in is what we call ‘North America,’ but now it’s called ‘Fibor.’ Communication with the other parts of the world has only been around for a couple hundred years. The first mainstream way to communicate actually came from the temples (I say ‘first’ but it’s really about the only). Travel across the oceans is rare but some people still do it by boat. More about the different locations in the wiki.

Since the war, so-called ‘mythical’ creatures have come back into the world. Angels and demons have also come back, along with regular magic. The gods have started answering prayers again. The gods of the world are the children of Raoul, the King of Hell and Evil, and his wife Mae, the Queen of Heaven and Good. Now, these children are divided into two groups: those who reside in Heaven, and those who reside in Hell. Popular thought is that those in Hell are just evil bastards, don’t have anything to do with them, and those in Heaven are paragons of all that is good and holy.

This ‘country’ has a king, Raeor, and queen, Lylia. Not many people know much about the couple, except that Raeor is a very personable and gentle king. Most people love him because they attribute him with the first king, who reunited the continent after The Rift and rediscovered the first railways.

Other than the gods, there are some other names most everyone would know.

The first names are PhoenixBlade and DarkeStorm. And since I don’t want to repeat myself over and over, I’m just going to link you to their pages.

Actually…I think that’s about it for who all was outstanding enough to have legends. While there have been some other ‘heroes’ in the world who have done great things, they have become forgotten with the passing of time, except to the clerics and historians, mostly. Well, there’s also the First King, also called Raeor, who traveled the continent uniting the people and rediscovering the trains and some other ‘lost’ technology.

There’s a lot more information in the wiki.

Keepers of the Balance

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